Hello, I’m Martin. Welcome to my tiny home on the web. martinschuhmann.com is my personal website and blog, where I share my thoughts, creative experiments and things I‘m interested in.

I like good coffee, very complex and very simple music, independent radios, art, personal blogs and websites, the rough sea and small, playful and heartfelt web stuff.

I have a wonderful wife, two adorable cats and a required pair of glasses. We are currently living in Rostock, Germany. Only a few minutes away from the beautiful Baltic Sea.

I’m a Management Assistent for IT Systems. I explain difficult concepts in simple ways and build and fix technical and digital stuff. Both for fun and for money.

I’m currently working as an IT Coordinator at Post & Parcel Germany, where I manage projects, optimize and digitalize workflows, create automations, build internal no-code and low-code applications and explain the concepts and functions behind it. Sometimes I also fix a broken internet connection, a corrupted Excel file or a few printer problems.

You can ask me things, if you want.

I also have a collection of links to various things.

Last updated: March 03, 2024