Martin's Notebook

Junited 2024

Junited is a fun and inspiring blogging challenge that's all about sharing.

Once a day throughout June, I will update this page with a new link to a blog or a blog post that I think deserves some extra attention. It should be an excellent way to discover some great bloggers with a wide variety of topics.

I’m also excited to see what other participants share throughout the month.

My Junited 2024 Entries

  1. The Web I Want by Manuel Moreale
  2. The Web is not Inevitable by Nathan Knowler
  3. We are the Curators of the Web by Barry Hess
  4. I Want It All, but It is Impossible by Ana Rodrigues
  5. Towards a Quieter, Friendlier Web by Cory Dransfeldt
  6. I am a Poem, I am not Software by Robin Rendle
  7. The Web is not Dying by Manuel Moreale
  8. The Power to Not by Adam Newbold
  9. The Discomfort Litmus Test by Adam Newbold
  10. Building Software to Last Forever by Herman Martinus
  11. Work Hard and Take Everything Really Seriously by Tom MacWright
  12. On Work by Lou Plummer
  13. Sleep by Paulo Coelho Alves
  14. Wonder > Hope by Cole Blankenship
  15. Nothing is Easy by Owen
  16. Trusting the Process by Cole Blankenship
  17. An Oasis of Quiet by Jim Nielsen
  18. Hidden Battles: The Importance of Choosing Kindness by Jedda
  19. Life After Death by Alexandra Wolfe
  20. Every Possible Way by Veronique
  21. I‘M a Very Slow Thinker by Derek Sivers
  22. The Art of Dreaming as We Grow Up by Yordi Verkroost
  23. Take Care of Your Blog by Robin Rendle
  24. Creating Yourself by Robert Birming
  25. Lost my Notebook... And a Fresh Start by Zoe
  26. On the "Personal Brand" by Goofpunk
  27. Find Beauty, Wherever You Are by Paulo Coelho Alves
  28. Taking the Plunge by Alexandra Wolfe
  29. On Being an Introvert by Kerri Krueger
  30. How to Converse Online by Manuel Moreale